Guide To Buying A Cruiser Motorbike

Whether you are new to the motorcycle world or an experienced rider, you need to understand that buying a cruiser motorbike is not the same as purchasing a standard motorbike.  These two types of motorcycles offer different riding experiences and do not cost the same. Buying a cruise motorbike for the first time is a challenging task. That is because you might want to consider a lot of factors, such as the type of cruise motorbike you want, power, size, and cost. However, with this guide’s help, you can choose a cruiser motorbike that is perfect for you. Factor To Consider When Purchasing Cruiser Motorbike.


1. Experience

Cruiser motorbikes are built for long tours. That is why they are designed in a way that they provide maximum comfort to the rider. Moreover, most cruisers require riders to ride while sitting in a lean back position. Therefore, you need to make sure that you purchase a model that you can fit properly and ride without straining in any way. If you plan to buy this type of motorcycle for the first time, you might want to give it a try by hiring a bike on rent. That is because by renting a cruiser motorbike you can get a feel of what you are going to experience going forward and also it is a cheaper way to assess whether you really want to go for a Cruiser motorbike or not.

2. The Size Of The Cruiser Motorbike

Another important factor to consider is size. Large cruiser motorbikes are meant for experienced riders. Moreover, they also have more engine power compared to the small cruiser motorbikes. Besides being experienced, you also have to be tall enough to handle large cruiser motorbikes since most of the controls are widely spread apart compared to standard motorcycles. You also need to acknowledge that large cruiser motorbikes are insured at a higher cost because of their size.

3. How Far You Plan To Ride

Some cruiser motorbikes are considered to be hard-tail bikes because they are designed without rear suspensions. Such cruiser motorbikes are meant for short distances. However, if you plan to ride for a couple of hours, you might want to avoid this type of cruiser motorbikes. Instead, consider buying a cruiser motorbike that has both rear and front suspension. Such cruiser motorbikes are comfortable to ride on even when going on a long motorbike trip.

4. Fuel Consumption

Cruiser motorbikes have a much better range when compared to other motorcycles. That means their tank capacity is bigger, which allows them to carry more fuel. That is why most people prefer riding this type of motorcycle since you do not have to stop for fuel after riding a few miles. Therefore, when buying a cruiser motorbike, make sure that the tank capacity is big. Moreover, you also need to understand that the tank’s size also affects the bike’s weight. For example, if the tank is big, the cruiser bike will become heavier when fueled.

5. Comfortable Pillion Seat

Some cruiser motorbikes are designed with a pillion seat, while others lack this feature. Therefore, if you plan to take someone along for the trip, make sure that the cruiser motorbike you choose has a pillion seat. It should also be spacious and comfortable. Look for a cruiser motorbike that has this feature so that your passenger can also enjoy the trip. Besides being comfortable and spacious, the pillion seat should also have a backrest so that the passenger can change the sitting position by leaning back.

6. Engine

The engine is another vital factor to consider. A cruiser motorbike can be fast and powerful depending on the type of v-twin engines it has. If you are a beginner, you might want to buy a cruiser motorbike with a small v-twin engine with less power, to be specific, at least 750cc. Cruiser motorbikes that have this type of engine are suitable for beginners because they are not heavy. However, if you are an experienced rider, you can get a cruiser motorbike with a bigger engine and more power.

7. Maintenance

Cruiser motorbikes can cover long distances and continue serving you for a long period. However, this depends on the maintenance of the motorbike. Some cruiser motorbikes are easy to maintain and cost less to repair. However, other models require special training and skills to conduct maintenance services. Avoid buying such cruiser motorbikes because they will only cost you more since you will be required to pay for maintenance services.

8. Key Features

When it comes to buying a cruiser motorbike, you need to emphasize the key features performance, appearance, and customization.  The cruiser motorbike you choose to buy should improve your riding experience by providing low-end torque. Such cruiser motorbikes are easy to ride since you do not necessarily have to shift more often. Also, look for a cruiser motorbike that has a unique look and can be customized as well.

9. Budget

Lastly, you need to consider your budget. Some cruiser motorbikes are expensive, while others are affordable. It all depends on the size of the cruiser motorbike and its features. Other factors that determine the price of a cruiser motorbike include engine power, make and model, and design.


Buying a cruiser motorbike can be challenging for the first time because many options are available in the market. However, with this guide’s help, you can be sure to find a cruiser motorbike that is within your budget.

Best Motorbike Trips Across The World

Life is always about the adventure, the journey that you take. That’s practically the same with riding motorbikes. You take on unfamiliar roads, travel, explore cities you’ve never been to. If you’re planning a motorbike trip, either alone, with your special someone, family or a special group of friends, you’d want to avoid the traffic. That messes up with the entire journey. You want it to be all about the beautiful sights, the long drive, and to make it happen; you need the best routes. If you’re looking for the best routes, here are some motorbike trips you can take to help you plan your next riding vacation.


1. Route 66

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned biker, Route 66 never gets old. This is considered to be one of the best trips you can take, not to mention the most popular among all the other routes. This route connects the West and Mid West coast starting from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. It crosses six other states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Route 66 is no longer used by most traffic as it has been replaced with other interstate roads way back in 1985. If you’re up for the challenge of driving back through time, this is the perfect route for you to take.

As you go through the route, you’ll pass along many small communities where you can enjoy a drink, some nice food, and majestic and beautiful landscape sceneries. The roads are quiet; not much traffic passes through here, making it the perfect route for a simple yet long trip that will take you down memory lane with picturesque views and stops.

2. Transalpine Route

If Route 66 is the most famous in the USA, Transalpine Route is the most popular road in Europe. Taking this road will lead you from France to Italy. This has been a top tourist attraction not just to bikers but also to different travelers from different parts of the globe.

Summer is the perfect season to visit; however, because it’s the peak season, there’s a bit of traffic, but it’s still a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss. When you take this route, make sure that you bring some spare change to cover the tolls. It could be a hassle for some, but trust us – all of these hassles it’s going to be worth it! The trip covers 2,400 kilometres of road from France, leading you to Switzerland, Austria, and Italy’s Alps. Once you’ve reached Italy, expect some mountainous roads, with multiple routes to choose from. The view is fantastic and should be worth the long travel.

3. Ruta 40

Ruta 40 is situated in Argentina and is considered one of the longest roads, making it every biker’s favorite road to go on a trip with a distance winding up to 5,301 kilometres. If you’re a big fan of national parks, this trip will take you up to 20 various parks that you can enjoy throughout your entire trip. National parks aren’t the only attractions when taking Ruta 40. The trip will also involve some famous landmarks and sceneries such as the Wine Trail, Strait of Magellan, Talampaya National Park, and Perito Moreno Glacier. Similar to the USA’s Route 66, Ruta 40 has its own history, story, songs, and books. There is so much culture and history to be learned from this trip, making every single minute spent worth the while.

Checkout a few fun-facts about Motorbikes!

4. 5 Tibet

Among all the other trips and routes we’ve covered, this is the most difficult by far. However, this can be considered as one of the most beautiful routes too! This road takes you on a 3,500-kilometer ride, giving you a beautiful view of the Himalayas, with different mountains along the way, including the world’s famous Mount Everest. You’ll also pass through the views of Asia’s famous destinations and astonishing sites, including the sparkling and calming Lake Maansarovar.

5. South Island (New Zealand)

If you’re not a fan of long motorbike trips, this might be great for you. The road stretches up to around 2,400 Kilometres and features the most amazing and picturesque landscape views you can ever see out there. There’s little to no traffic along the route, beautiful scenery, with national parks and beautiful lakes throughout the trip.

Taking these long winding roads may require a cruiser bike as it is comfortable for such long journeys. Regardless of where you plan your next motorbike trip – always remember that no matter what happens, safety is your top priority. Always perform a maintenance check, keep your safety gear and equipment on, and enjoy the beautiful trip. Sometimes, it’s not the view that matters, but the journey and who you’re doing it with that makes the trip worthwhile.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Motorbikes

A motorcycle that often goes by the name of a cycle, motorbike, or bike is a 2-wheeled vehicle. The history of motorbikes dates back to the 19th century (the second half). The first motorcycle made in 1867 was steamed powered. It was produced in a factory that belonged to a famous and well-known bicycle inventor named Pierre Michaux.


Below are some fun and interesting facts about motorbikes that may interest you:

1. The Guinness World Records states that the first internal-combustion-engine motorized bike was named the Daimler Reitwagaen, invented in 1885 by Wilhelm Maybach Gottlieb Daimler in Germany. The bike was called the “Einspur.” This bike was later lost to a devastating fire.

2. In California, is it legal to ride a motorbike between 2 cars in either lane (lane splitting), but only 53% of the state residents are aware that this way of driving is legal.

3. The term “Motorrad” in German or “motorcycle) in English was used first in 1894 by Hildebrand & Wolfm├╝ller.

4. In Medellin, a city in Columbia, motorcycle assassinations were reduced by 39% when a ban was put in place that prohibited passengers from riding as passengers on motorbikes. This ban was put into place specifically for male passengers.

5. Billy Baxter was the first blind person to ever set a record for riding on a motorbike in 2003. Billy lost his sight while serving in Bosnia.

6. In 2000, the leading motorcycle businesses from across the globe reached what was known as a “gentlemen’s agreement” to put an end to the speed war involving one-upmanship to attempt to produce the fastest production bikes in the world. This had to do with concerns that speeds may escalate to very dangerous speeds before the speed war would end. The limit agreed on was 186 mph.

7. In Indiana, motorbikes that stop at red stop lights are only required to stop for 120 seconds before treating a stop light like the stop signs where they are permitted to proceed through intersections with caution.

8. Malcolm Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine, once owned 50 Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

9. Kawasaki creates not only motorbikes but also manufacturers ships, space rockets, personal watercraft, trains, electronics, jet engines, equipment tractors, missiles, and helicopters.

10. The use of helmets was mandated following Lawrence of Arabia’s (Colonel T.E. Lawrence’s) death caused by a motorbike accident. He died after swerving to miss 2 boys riding on their bicycles.

11. The longest journey that was ever made on a motorcycle came from Emilio Scotto from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Guinness World Book of Records stated that Emilio Scotto covered over 457,000 miles (735,000 km) and 214 territories and countries from the 17th January 1985 to 2nd April 1995.

12. Suzuki, another well-known motorbike manufacturer, first started as one of the looming businesses that catered to a developing industry in silk in the earlier part of the 20th century. Today, the company is also well-known for producing various products such as marine engines, cars, and wheelchairs.

13. Most of today’s well-known motorbike manufacturers are versatile in the product ranges that they offer.

14. Yamaha, another motorbike brand, began as a piano maker. Today it still produces musical instruments and other popular products such as industrial robots, golf carts, boats, car engines, electronics, wheelchairs, and RVs.

15. Many celebrities in Hollywood ride motorbikes; a few famous ones include: Steve Tyler, Tom Cruise, Ryan Gosling, Pink, Richard Hammond, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Ewan McGregor, Clint Eastwood, Bob Dylan, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves

16. Vespa, an iconic Italian scooter, was what former CEO Andre Pininfarina of the care designer Pininfarina and the Italian Coach Builder was riding when he collided with a Ford Focus died.

17. Keanu Reeves spent some of his profits made from The Matrix to purchase motorbikes for the movie’s stuntmen.

18. According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the longest motorbike was 86 ft 3 inches (26.29 meters) long. Created by Bharat Sinh Parmar from India, it was first introduced at Lakhota Lake in January 2014.

19. Motorcyclists are close to 30 X more likely to sustain serious injuries and die than motorists.

20. Japan was responsible for building a motorbike that was powered indirectly by human-waste. It was named the Toilet Bike Neo, and the creator is Toto, a high-end toilet manufacturer. These bikes use human waste that is converted into biofuel.

21. The first Harley-Davidson produced only traveled 25 mph. This bike only featured a single-cylinder engine that first used empty tomato cans as the carburetor.

22. The famous red and black logo for the Harley Davidson was painted by Davidson’s aunt.