Life is always about the adventure, the journey that you take. That’s practically the same with riding motorbikes. You take on unfamiliar roads, travel, explore cities you’ve never been to. If you’re planning a motorbike trip, either alone, with your special someone, family or a special group of friends, you’d want to avoid the traffic. That messes up with the entire journey. You want it to be all about the beautiful sights, the long drive, and to make it happen; you need the best routes. If you’re looking for the best routes, here are some motorbike trips you can take to help you plan your next riding vacation.


1. Route 66

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned biker, Route 66 never gets old. This is considered to be one of the best trips you can take, not to mention the most popular among all the other routes. This route connects the West and Mid West coast starting from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. It crosses six other states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Route 66 is no longer used by most traffic as it has been replaced with other interstate roads way back in 1985. If you’re up for the challenge of driving back through time, this is the perfect route for you to take.

As you go through the route, you’ll pass along many small communities where you can enjoy a drink, some nice food, and majestic and beautiful landscape sceneries. The roads are quiet; not much traffic passes through here, making it the perfect route for a simple yet long trip that will take you down memory lane with picturesque views and stops.

2. Transalpine Route

If Route 66 is the most famous in the USA, Transalpine Route is the most popular road in Europe. Taking this road will lead you from France to Italy. This has been a top tourist attraction not just to bikers but also to different travelers from different parts of the globe.

Summer is the perfect season to visit; however, because it’s the peak season, there’s a bit of traffic, but it’s still a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss. When you take this route, make sure that you bring some spare change to cover the tolls. It could be a hassle for some, but trust us – all of these hassles it’s going to be worth it! The trip covers 2,400 kilometres of road from France, leading you to Switzerland, Austria, and Italy’s Alps. Once you’ve reached Italy, expect some mountainous roads, with multiple routes to choose from. The view is fantastic and should be worth the long travel.

3. Ruta 40

Ruta 40 is situated in Argentina and is considered one of the longest roads, making it every biker’s favorite road to go on a trip with a distance winding up to 5,301 kilometres. If you’re a big fan of national parks, this trip will take you up to 20 various parks that you can enjoy throughout your entire trip. National parks aren’t the only attractions when taking Ruta 40. The trip will also involve some famous landmarks and sceneries such as the Wine Trail, Strait of Magellan, Talampaya National Park, and Perito Moreno Glacier. Similar to the USA’s Route 66, Ruta 40 has its own history, story, songs, and books. There is so much culture and history to be learned from this trip, making every single minute spent worth the while.

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4. 5 Tibet

Among all the other trips and routes we’ve covered, this is the most difficult by far. However, this can be considered as one of the most beautiful routes too! This road takes you on a 3,500-kilometer ride, giving you a beautiful view of the Himalayas, with different mountains along the way, including the world’s famous Mount Everest. You’ll also pass through the views of Asia’s famous destinations and astonishing sites, including the sparkling and calming Lake Maansarovar.

5. South Island (New Zealand)

If you’re not a fan of long motorbike trips, this might be great for you. The road stretches up to around 2,400 Kilometres and features the most amazing and picturesque landscape views you can ever see out there. There’s little to no traffic along the route, beautiful scenery, with national parks and beautiful lakes throughout the trip.

Taking these long winding roads may require a cruiser bike as it is comfortable for such long journeys. Regardless of where you plan your next motorbike trip – always remember that no matter what happens, safety is your top priority. Always perform a maintenance check, keep your safety gear and equipment on, and enjoy the beautiful trip. Sometimes, it’s not the view that matters, but the journey and who you’re doing it with that makes the trip worthwhile.