Whether you are new to the motorcycle world or an experienced rider, you need to understand that buying a cruiser motorbike is not the same as purchasing a standard motorbike.  These two types of motorcycles offer different riding experiences and do not cost the same. Buying a cruise motorbike for the first time is a challenging task. That is because you might want to consider a lot of factors, such as the type of cruise motorbike you want, power, size, and cost. However, with this guide’s help, you can choose a cruiser motorbike that is perfect for you. Factor To Consider When Purchasing Cruiser Motorbike.


1. Experience

Cruiser motorbikes are built for long tours. That is why they are designed in a way that they provide maximum comfort to the rider. Moreover, most cruisers require riders to ride while sitting in a lean back position. Therefore, you need to make sure that you purchase a model that you can fit properly and ride without straining in any way. If you plan to buy this type of motorcycle for the first time, you might want to give it a try by hiring a bike on rent. That is because by renting a cruiser motorbike you can get a feel of what you are going to experience going forward and also it is a cheaper way to assess whether you really want to go for a Cruiser motorbike or not.

2. The Size Of The Cruiser Motorbike

Another important factor to consider is size. Large cruiser motorbikes are meant for experienced riders. Moreover, they also have more engine power compared to the small cruiser motorbikes. Besides being experienced, you also have to be tall enough to handle large cruiser motorbikes since most of the controls are widely spread apart compared to standard motorcycles. You also need to acknowledge that large cruiser motorbikes are insured at a higher cost because of their size.

3. How Far You Plan To Ride

Some cruiser motorbikes are considered to be hard-tail bikes because they are designed without rear suspensions. Such cruiser motorbikes are meant for short distances. However, if you plan to ride for a couple of hours, you might want to avoid this type of cruiser motorbikes. Instead, consider buying a cruiser motorbike that has both rear and front suspension. Such cruiser motorbikes are comfortable to ride on even when going on a long motorbike trip.

4. Fuel Consumption

Cruiser motorbikes have a much better range when compared to other motorcycles. That means their tank capacity is bigger, which allows them to carry more fuel. That is why most people prefer riding this type of motorcycle since you do not have to stop for fuel after riding a few miles. Therefore, when buying a cruiser motorbike, make sure that the tank capacity is big. Moreover, you also need to understand that the tank’s size also affects the bike’s weight. For example, if the tank is big, the cruiser bike will become heavier when fueled.

5. Comfortable Pillion Seat

Some cruiser motorbikes are designed with a pillion seat, while others lack this feature. Therefore, if you plan to take someone along for the trip, make sure that the cruiser motorbike you choose has a pillion seat. It should also be spacious and comfortable. Look for a cruiser motorbike that has this feature so that your passenger can also enjoy the trip. Besides being comfortable and spacious, the pillion seat should also have a backrest so that the passenger can change the sitting position by leaning back.

6. Engine

The engine is another vital factor to consider. A cruiser motorbike can be fast and powerful depending on the type of v-twin engines it has. If you are a beginner, you might want to buy a cruiser motorbike with a small v-twin engine with less power, to be specific, at least 750cc. Cruiser motorbikes that have this type of engine are suitable for beginners because they are not heavy. However, if you are an experienced rider, you can get a cruiser motorbike with a bigger engine and more power.

7. Maintenance

Cruiser motorbikes can cover long distances and continue serving you for a long period. However, this depends on the maintenance of the motorbike. Some cruiser motorbikes are easy to maintain and cost less to repair. However, other models require special training and skills to conduct maintenance services. Avoid buying such cruiser motorbikes because they will only cost you more since you will be required to pay for maintenance services.

8. Key Features

When it comes to buying a cruiser motorbike, you need to emphasize the key features performance, appearance, and customization.  The cruiser motorbike you choose to buy should improve your riding experience by providing low-end torque. Such cruiser motorbikes are easy to ride since you do not necessarily have to shift more often. Also, look for a cruiser motorbike that has a unique look and can be customized as well.

9. Budget

Lastly, you need to consider your budget. Some cruiser motorbikes are expensive, while others are affordable. It all depends on the size of the cruiser motorbike and its features. Other factors that determine the price of a cruiser motorbike include engine power, make and model, and design.


Buying a cruiser motorbike can be challenging for the first time because many options are available in the market. However, with this guide’s help, you can be sure to find a cruiser motorbike that is within your budget.